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Salt Lake City corporate housing is ideal for military personnel because:

Whether you are looking for housing for a temporary duty assignment, or relocating or have been re-posted, Salt Lake City Corporate Housing is there to serve your needs. We have experience with overflow billeting, and with contractors launching new DoD initiatives or conducting New Equipment Testing (NET). We have experience with troop mobilizations for new missions or training, with short or long details and with meetings or conferences. We have experience not only in housing U.S. military personnel, but also federal civilian employees, and cost-reimbursable federal contractors. And what’s more we have the experience of doing all that corporate housing within the per diem rates that the government has established for members of the military.

Military clauses apply to furnished apartments, so there’s no hassle with the lease in the event that you need to move again. We honor government-issued credit cards, so there’s no problem with the billing. And we are conveniently located near many excellent school districts, so there’s no worry about the kids. In fact, corporate housing will be one of the easiest decisions you have ever made. With our stress-free furnished apartments, you will be able to focus on work and not on the headaches that might arise with maintaining an apartment.

One of the most important things about serving in the military is staying healthy. Having a kitchen in your corporate apartment means you have the option to make a home-cooked meal, which also cuts down on your overhead.

Our locations are convenient to many government bases and buildings, and we often invest in luxury apartment complexes that already house soldiers, so you’ll be near work and you’ll be with your colleagues. © 2013 | Home | Quote Request | Rates | Services | About Us | Contact Us | Partners