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Salt Lake City Corporate housing is ideal for traveling medical professionals because:

If you are a traveling medical professional coming to one of the many Salt Lake City hospitals and clinics, we are able to locate housing to be near public transportation and within a certain radius of the hospital itself. This reduces commuting time should your pager go off unexpectedly while serving on call duty. Our short term, flexible leases are ideally situated to accommodate the length of your assignment, and you are able to extend beyond your initial date should there be a need.

What’s more, luxury apartments are in quiet neighborhoods, perfect for relaxing after working a late shift at the hospital. At Salt Lake City Corporate Housing, your housing specialist is there to make sure that the air conditioning stays cool in the summertime, and that the walks are shoveled in a timely fashion in the winter.

Do you have pets? One of the many advantages of choosing corporate housing over a hotel is that pets are welcomed at many of our properties. Be sure to specify to your housing specialist whether it is a dog or cat, as well as the weight and breed of the animal. This way we are able to create a housing situation that will be comfortable for the whole family, four-legged members included.

Your housing specialist will manage your apartment so you can enjoy the bigger picture. You love to travel and see the country, and we’ll keep the washing machine spinning properly and the garbage disposal working so that you can get out more and experience the moments that make your job worthwhile. © 2013 | Home | Quote Request | Rates | Services | About Us | Contact Us | Partners